Who is Phoenix Karate? 


 Phoenix Karate is a small business that has been owned and operated in Phoenixville for 20 years. Phoenix Karate has one mission in mind, to make kids and adults learn about martial arts while also having fun. Phoenix Karate is a family-oriented business, our staff is comprised of long time students as well as members of the Phelan family. Community is a  part of who we are. You will rarely find a community event that Phoenix Karate is not participating in, (We take our float building very seriously). Ensuring that our students enjoy their time at Phoenix Karate is extremely important to who we are. Preparing our Firebirds for any challenge they may face. 

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Meet The Team

Master Ryan Zmiewski

Ryan Zmiewski has been instructing at Phoenix Karate since 2011. Ryan has been practicing martial arts since he was only 4 years old when he began training with Master Phelan. His favorite aspect of teaching karate is seeing his students improve. 

Justin Maur

Justin has instructed various programs at Phoenix Karate for a number of years. These programs include our classes, summer camp, and now Firebird Academy. Justin is perusing a degree in Spanish and hopes to become a teacher someday. 

Aidan Phelan

Aidan has been teaching since 2016 and is usually found at our Saturday classes helping kids learn perfect their kicks. Aidan holds a third-degree black belt and is especially interested in sparring. 

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Master Phelan

Master Phelan has been teaching karate to children and adults for over 35 years. He started Phoenix Karate in 2000 and has stayed on Bridge Street for the past 20 years. With experience in various forms of martial arts, Master Phelan teaches his students about many different styles.  

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Erin Phelan

Erin Phelan has been teaching at Phoenix Karate since 2013 and has taking lessons as early as she could walk. Holding a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Erin specializes in acrobatics stemming from her background in competitive gymnastics. 

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Bridget Phelan

Bridget Phelan has been teaching martial arts as well as working in the after-school program and summer camps for many years. She holds a third-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, her favorite thing to practice is Bo Staff. You can usually find Bridget face painting some of our firebirds.