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Drop off and pick-up from local schools

Springford and Phoenixville School Districts!

Daily Martial Arts Lessons


What does a day at Phoenix Karate look like?

Before-School Karate includes a morning relax time that gives kids them the ability to focus on the day ahead. 

After-School Karate takes the stress out of picking up from school and rushing to sports. After-school karate encompasses pick-up, karate lessons and designates quiet time for kids to relax or complete homework. 

All of the pick-up is completed using our multiple ninja-themed vehicles which include:

  • A mini-bus

  • A passenger van

  •  Smaller SUVS

Before-School and

After-School Karate 

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Before-School Karate Pricing: 

1-2 Days-$279 Per Month. 

3-5 Days-$399 Per Month. 


After-School Karate Pricing:

 1-2 Days-$279 Per Month. 

3-5 Days-$399 Per Month. 


BOTH Before School Karate and After-School Karate Pricing: 

1-2 Days-$379 Per Month. 

3-5 Days-$499 Per Month. 

(All prices are per month)



Before-School Karate 


Start Time 7:00 AM

After-School Karate 

End Time 6:30 PM