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Little Firebird Classes

Little Firebirds Class (Ages 3-5)

Our Little Firebird class introduces kids to the basics of self-defense and martial arts. Little Firebirds will learn kicking and blocking as well as skills such as listening and coordination!

Beginners Martial Arts Class

Junior Classes

Junior Classes (Ages 5-12, White-Green Belt)

Junior classes will build on the basics of Tae Kwon Do as this class will focus on building confidence both inside and out of the studio. 

Karate Practice

Junior Advanced/Advanced

Junior Advanced Class (Green belt and up)

Junior advanced classes dive into more advanced aspects of martial arts such as sticks, sparring, and weapons as well as more advanced kicks and self-defense moves. 


Black Belt Classes

Black belt class consists of our students of black belt rank who wish to further their knowledge and understanding of martial arts while also earning higher rankings in their black belts. 

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       Teen and

Adult Classes

Teen/Adult Class (Ages 15 and up)

You don’t need to know anything about karate to try this class out, consisting of beginner to upper ranks this high teacher to student ratio class gives every one of any skill level an opportunity to learn. 


Cardio Karate

Cardio Karate (Ages 13 and up)

 Cardio Karate incorporates different workout techniques to provide a full-body workout. Kick it up a notch with cardio karate! 

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