Below is our pricing list. If you have any questions give us a call!


2 days a week- $127.00

1 day a week- $87.00

*Monthly Tuition

Day Camp

One day $57 

Parents Night Out

$20 Member

$25 Non-Member

Before School and After-School Karate

Before-School Karate Pricing: 

1 Day -$179 Per Month.

2 Days-$279 Per Month. 

3-5 Days-$399 Per Month. 


After-School Karate Pricing:

 1-2 Days-$279 Per Month. 

 3-5 Days-$399 Per Month. 


BOTH Before School Karate and After-School Karate Pricing: 

1-2 Days-$379 Per Month. 

3-5 Days-$499 Per Month. 

(All prices are per month)